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First Global Challange 2022

Team Lebanon 2022 🇱🇧

TechnoGeex was the official representative for Lebanon and RoboGeex Academy in the biggest robotics event in the world, First Global Challenge 2022, Geneva, Switzerland.

Technogeex is a 10-member team representing the struggling people in Lebanon. It was formed in June 2021, in Robogeex Academy, as a STEM Club. We utilize programming, mechanical, and electronics knowledge, as well as team-work and critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems.
Technogeex performed many scientific research and projects, and assists Robogeex Academy in organizing Robotics bootcamps and events, and helps in tutoring new students.
Due to the current situation in Lebanon, we are trying to enhance the new generation’s skills by influencing them to adopt STEM education as a new way to evolve and progress, therefore having a better future.
The FIRST Global competition will be a new experience for us to get more experience and boost our skills to improve the critical thinking in TechnoGeex team which is the first step toward creativity.

FGC 2022 Result

RoboGeex Academy’s team, TechnoGeex, the only representative of Lebanon in the First Global Competition 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland achieves astonishing results and wins two international awards:
➡️ Safety Award
➡️ Social Media Award.

For more, watch the video ⬇️

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