About RoboGeex

Who Are We ?

A team of professional engineers specialized in Robotics design and programming, as we work on developing and drafting years of experience and participation in courses, competitions, and projects (locally and internationally) within simple educational curricula and effective training lessons.

Overview of RoboGeex Academy achievements in 2021 ​

Is our service for you?

Robogeex Academy aims at providing the best training opportunities and courses to enhance skills according to the needs of each group of these categories:

1- Young generation.

2- Students (since they start school until they graduate)

3- People who want to develop their skills to improve production.

4- People looking for job opportunities.

Although we focus on young people and adults, we also offer services that suit everyone where they can join us and benefit from our services

Our Goals

– Establishing a generation capable of innovation and creativity, even by the simplest means.
– Restructuring the education system in line with scientific and technological development.
– Introducing technology and robotic programming into the educational system.
– Training young people interested in robotics, and qualifying them for local and international projects and competitions.
– Providing the necessary materials, tools, and parts for robotic designs.
– Regularly organizing courses, projects, and competitions related to technology and robotics

Our Mission

– Creating a public opinion in society especially the cultural and educational milieu, about the need to adopt robotics and make it a subject within the educational curriculum.
– Restore confidence for individuals especially students so they are able to change for the best and recognise that they truly are the cornerstone for the development of society.
– Finding a creative space in a student’s mind is limitless. It all comes down to every individual’s will, depending on how far they actually want to reach.
– Establish a simplified and enjoyable curricula that remove ambiguity, and are effective in affecting one’s technical behavior.
– Qualifying young people in general technology through training courses and competitive robot teams.

Our Services

What do we offer at RoboGeex?

RoboGeex is characterized by offering a wide range of services that are relevant to technology and its aspects as a whole. Here is a look at the most distinguished services we offer:

Ongoing Education

Promoting skills related to the job market to enhance productivity and excel the outcome quality.

Projects Lab

To facilitate implementing ideas; we build a workshop for students served with required tools to transform ideas into reality.

STEM Education

Encouraging hands-on training by bringing out the school materials from theory to practice using STEAM.

Robotics Events

To examine the reliability of students' projects, we organize robotics competitions locally, and participate internationally.

Research & Development

To keep up with the growth of technology and to contribute with the evolution, we established R&D department.
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What are the things that make Robogeex a special place?

Looking for tools that are flexible and open-source tools and using tools and alternatives that allow students make robots from the surrounding along with giving them more space for creative thinking.

Enhancing and encouraging creative thinking abilities and offering a high-quality scientific content with specialized trainers supervision.

Recording lectures in a clear voice in the academy’s studio.

Practical implementation for the curriculum and the educational content where we start with experience until we reach the information.