Please read our terms of service and privacy policy before signing up to our website or using the platform content whether training courses, pages, or applications.

Both terms of use and privacy policy are considered as agreements between Robogeex Academy and you. Then, by using this platform, you agree on these agreements whether or not you are a registered user on this platform or not.

Robogeex may edit these conditions at any time and the changes are applied immediately upon being posted on the website.

Make sure to check Terms of Service page regularly to stay connected to the latest updates we make.

About Robogeex:

Robogeex Academy is a continuous training platform for all the skills needed in the labor market. Since learning robotics programming became a necessity to keep pace with technological development due to the paradigm shift from electronics era to artificial intelligence era, we at Robogeex had decided to share our expertise and services for the society through the needed tools and simplified educational curriculum which removes ambiguity and enhances creativity towards artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Robogeex offers certificates for students who finish their courses successfully.

Registration Terms:

  1. Commitment to pay full course fees where you are not entitled to withdraw the courses after confirming the registration through paying.
  2. You are not entitled to claim the paid fees after confirming your registration.
  3. Commitment to attend the lessons. In case absence percentage exceeded %20 then you will not get attendance certificate and you cannot claim paid fees.
  4. Adhere the following rules while attending courses online:
  • Not to stir up political or sectarian controversy.
  • Not to use offensive words or speech.

Online code of conduct:

By signing up to the platform, you agree that you are responsible for the use of the platform and the content shared on it. This includes, news, notes, questions, rules, regulations, lectures, videos and more. You also agree on intellectual property rights and copyrights for all the mentioned above.


Through this document, you agree on using the services and information shared by Robogeex legally without using the platform in any way that may cause negative consequences on Robogeex network, this includes disabling, overburdening, or stealing servers. You also may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform and the stored information on the platform and its servers but through the ways that were deliberately made available by the platform.

In the list below, we share with you the materials that are strictly prohibited to be shared on the platform for any reason:

  • The content that contains defamation, harassment or threatening for others
  • The content that violates the intellectual property for a third-party as copyright or trademark.
  • The content that is indecent and inappropriate.
  • Commercial advertisements no matter what its type is.
  • The content that is related to political and partisan activity.
  • Viruses, damaged files, malware, spyware or any other programs that may damage computers and other property functionality.
  • Misleading content which contains inaccurate information.

Furthermore, you undertake not trying to collect information or downloading big amounts of the content on the platform (this includes everything on the platform whether posts or information)

Any violation for the above provisions gives Robogeex the right to restrict your access and activity on the website and without informing you.

User accounts and permissions:

To create an account, you need to share with us the following information (your name and your email); however, you are free to share or not your address and phone number. The shared information must be accurate and up-to-date, you must also update the information in case they changed.

Robogeex cares about the confidentiality and security of your personal information.

Please check our privacy policy for more details about the information Robogeex may collect about you and how we use these information. 

By accessing the platform, you agree on collecting and using of your information by Robojeex

Your right in using the content on the platform:

The whole content on the platform (whether tests, videos, photos and educational materials) is prepared for your personal use which is relevant to the course you register unless the platform mentions that clearly.

In case the content on the platform is subject to the permission of third-parties, this will be mentioned along with the information.

By using this Platform and agreeing on this document, you hereby undertake to abide by all of these rules and conditions.

You also agree on keeping all copyrights and other notices that are related to the content you get through the platform.


Robogeex offers course completion certificates for students who master the content of the courses they register. The decision regarding certificates will be made by the academy evaluation only depending on students’ performance in these courses.


Using any of the academy’s trademarks for any purpose is not allowed unless you obtain a written consent of the owner of the relevant trademark.

Responsibility limitations

Using the platform, the content and the services obtained from or via the platform is on your own responsibility. Furthermore, accessing or downloading any of the information, materials or data available from the platform or by reference sites is at your own risk and you will be responsible for any damage that may occur to your personal property (including your computer system) or any loss that may result from downloading or using these materials and data unless Robogeex stated otherwise in privacy policy.


You agree on defending and not harming the academy and its partners, staff, and students in any way.

External service providers

Robogeex uses some services that are provided by third-parties. Thus, when you agree on terms of use, you agree on policies any terms of each of the following:

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Vimeo
  • Hubspot

Termination rights; or interruption of courses and content

You agree to allow Robogeex to terminate your access to and your participation in the website for any reason and under its absolute discretion for any reason or without a reason upon a prior notice to you. Terminating platform users who violate copyrights repeatedly is a policy in Robogeex in the circumstances that deems appropriate for the academy.

Robogeex and its partners reserve the right to cancel, delay, reschedule, or change the structure of any course offered by the academy or stop offering any part or the whole platform content or the relevant services at anytime at its own discretion. You agree that neither Robogeex nor any of its participants shall be liable to you for such action. You can also end your subscription in the platform anytime you wish. The rights granted to you under this agreement will terminate upon the termination of your right to use the platform, but other provisions of these Terms of Service will continue.


Course termination and dismissal rights: you agree that Robogeex has the right to terminate your use, participation, and activity in the website at its discretion and for reasons by previously informing you of this decision. In addition, users who repeatedly violate copyrights will be terminated at Robogeex own discretion.

Courses offered by Robogeex could be canceled, delayed, or rescheduled depending at its discretion and due to special circumstances.

You can end your subscription to the platform whenever you wish. The rights given to you will expire when your right to use the platform expires; however, other provisions of these Terms of Service will continue.

Entire Agreement:

These Terms and the Privacy Policy are the entire agreement between you and Robogeex regarding your use of the platform.

 This charter is valid starting the date of your registration on the platform.